Fragrances Advert

Isobel Cosmetics

Fragrances Advert

Isobel Cosmetics

About the Project

To create a short Facebook and Instagram advert for the new Isobel C range of fragrances.

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Our Work

On this project we work very closely with our client, they had the storyboard and look in mind and our job was to make it happen!

This project was all about the look, the location and feel.

The client wanted a summer feel for the advert and unfortunately for us it was the middle of our lovely British winter! Not a problem!

The main creative decision was to enhance the peach tones from Issy's dress have have that look move all the way through the scenes, for this we got to test out the dynamic range capabilities of the new Sony a7Siii shooting with a completely flat profile to give us the maximum amount of flexibility in post production to achieve the colours and tones that the client wanted.

The whole advert was shot in one day on location and a day in the studio green screening the fragrances and I must say that we love the way that it came out. Actual sun would have made it even better but it goes to show what is possible in such a short timeframe.

Huge thanks to all the IsobelC team for making creating so easy and fun, we loved being a part of it!