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Full multi-camera live streaming service.

We've all seen the massive growth in live streaming in the current crisis and we're pretty certain that streaming is going to be here to stay and maybe take over on future events!

But how can you get your stream to stand out from the crowd. Well...

Bolder Visual are now able to offer an on location , Multi Camera live streaming service. Our multi-camera switcher is the latest technology offering the most stable platform available to stream from! This, coupled with our high end Sony cinema cameras and DSLRs give a stunning picture quality to your live stream. But we're not content to stop there!

At Bolder Visual, we are able to create a full production for your event. How about Graphics, Camera movement, Lights and Sound?Well... it goes without saying that we would be adding bespoke graphics to your production to maximise your viewers retention, but by combining our cameras with the latest electronic sliders and gimbals, we can really have your audience immersed into the live stream.

We can also provide a full DMX controlled lighting setup, to get vibrance and color into your production and make the image look beautiful. And finally... Through our rigorous testing, Bolder Visual can provide a full 16 channel audio mixing and engineer to make sure the sound on your live stream is perfect and most of all... in sync!

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