Hull & East Yorkshire People in Business Awards


Hull & East Yorkshire People in Business Awards

About the Project

Bolder Visual provided video production for the Hull & East Yorkshire People in Business Awards which included, Live video feed for the audience, a pre awards film and a final highlights reel of the inaugural event!

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Our Work

The mission

To deliver crystal clear footage to the live screens in a low light scenario and capture that for a highlights reel. Simple!

I think generally that there is a misconception that events in Hull can't be to the same standard of more popular cities like London and the likes.

Well... for this project we had 3 Sony FS7 4k cinema cameras combined with fujinon lenses to deliver that rich beautiful content that would not only look amazing on screens but could also be captured for the highlights reel. we're very fortunate to already have these cameras which makes matching shots a breeze when it comes to editing.

Favourite Shot?

Well, I think actually our favourite shots for this may have been left on the cutting room floor. These shots may or may not involve someone who got to the perfect moment in what was an amazing night and decided that then was absolutely the right time to put his tie around his head!

Biggest Challenge?

As with all impromptu events, the hardest challenge for us was capturing the reactions of winners that we didn't know who they were, or where they were sitting.

however, Matt who handled our front of stage moving cam did a stellar job and through our comms on the evening, it was pretty easy after a few.