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Virtual Open Events

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About the Project

To create 3 virtual open events to showcase Hull Training's Engineering, Construction and Business & Management apprenticeships.

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Our Work

To Livestream or not Live Stream... That was the question!

Throughout the Covid pandemic Live streaming has been the hot topic, we've fielded more enquiries for this than anything else and why not, it's perfect way to convey enthusiasm, charisma and passion, it's real people engaging with viewers.

However, after spending a lot of 2020 producing Live-Streams for clients, you get to know the risks that are involved, but is there another way?

For this project, we discussed with the Hull Training team the benefits of pre-recording major portions of the live event vs the pressure that comes with actually going live to an audience.

Majority of the programmes that are broadcast on the TV are pre-recorded, unless you have a need to interact with the viewers why would you give up the flexibility of post production, editing, reviewing and finessing your content.

If interaction with the viewers is key then that can still be maintained with having your team online to answer questions, it gives you a way to filter what is coming through and maximise the quality of content without it dragging.


For this the strategy was simple, the first part is getting the core content by researching the questions that get asked the most at open events.

Then finding employers where apprentices have made the most impact and progression and capture the conversations.

For this the Bolder Visual team created a simple set where social distancing could be maintained, host's were prepped, add lighting a multi-cam setup and some crisp audio and treat it as we are actually live.

The we move on to the enhancements.

Well just the conversation would be pretty boring, so in order to enhance this we chose to create and impacting opening sequence, capture and create a Virtual Tour and include a Promotional Video specific to that area.

The videos can break up the sections and the only thing left to do would be create the links to tie it all together.

Biggest Challenge?

For us, Live Streaming is really easy, the biggest challenge is creating an environment where the hosts and guests feel relaxed, looking good and full of confidence, timing was the main challenge on the studio filming as it was paramount not to have any guests clash due to room occupancy and covid safe schemes of work.


For us, it corny but the main highlight was the feedback from the viewers on how much they enjoyed the Live event, The Bolder Visual team were on hand and online for when the event went live and we could see it and manage it in real time.